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Tha God Fahim Lost Kingz Digital album

Premiere date: January 31 2020

Format: mp3, 320kbit/s

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Tha God Fahim Lost Kingz mp3 songs list:

1. Iron Fist

2. Running On E

3. Blade Fordge (feat. Mach-Hommy)

4. Play Ground Legend (feat. Mach-Hommy)

5. Renowned

6. A Breath Of Winter

7. Stay Fly

8. Scarlett Murder (feat. Vinnie Paz)

9. Life After

10. Cash Rulez

Identified for remarkable lyricism and streetwise wordplay arranged to messy spirit and also jazz loops, Altlanta ga indigenous Tha God Fahim provides defied expectations with regard to hip-hop through his / her town, and also his regular supply associated with result is constantly on the draw attention. Just a few many years into their profession, the particular gifted emcee/producer has already launched a lot more than 100 projects, setting up themself as one of the most prolific artists in rap nowadays. Despite their quickly growing market, Tha The almighty Fahim continues to be an enigma, liberating little background details and keeping a great atmosphere associated with mystery about themselves. Today, Character Appears is actually very pleased to provide Dropped Kingz, a whole new record from Tha The almighty Fahim featuring Mach-Hommy and also Vinnie Paz, in addition production by DJ Muggs, The Builder, C-Lance, as well as Fahim themselves.

Tha The almighty Fahim, hard nosed rap mystic, originates from Atlanta, however like their frequent collaborators Mach-Hommy along with your Aged Droog, he or she creates a hazy and also insular form of New york boom-bap in the 90s. And he or she functions tough. Barely per month and a half ago, Tha The almighty Fahim became a member of makes together with seasoned producer Cypress Mountain, DJ Muggs, to be able to release the actual collaborative venture Dump Assassins. And ahead of the end of the month, Tha God Fahim may release a brand new LP, the by yourself perform called Lost Kingz.

Today, Tha God Fahim was released with “Iron Fist”, the particular beginning observe and the first individual coming from Dropped Kingz. Working as soon as around the slow suspended percussion associated with DJ Muggs and also the odd echoes from the song, Fahim acquires equal philosophical as well as challenging components: “In the terrain associated with free of charge, inside your home with the servant / I purchased a great Armalite firearm in order to choose the actual gauge. It’s an awesome, immersive item from your rapper who’s already been tearing upward lately.

Inside director Adam Rush’s video clip, Fahim would wear the Winner crew-neck jacket and plenty of precious metal. This strikes in gradual movement by means of atmosphere regarding light up and also shows close to the actual railway monitors. This individual appears extremely awesome. View that under.

Tha God Fahim is a ALL OF US rapper and also manufacturer presently training regarding Atlanta, GA.

Also known as the particular Get rid of Gawd as well as the 100 Tape Legend, Fahim provides regularly create project after task since initial coming onto the undercover scene in 2015 with his recording “Shadows More than Nazereth”. It wasn’t till produces just like TGIF, Darkish Shogunn Vols. 1 and a couple of, as well as the Buck Menus series, that Fahim would certainly commence to be mentioned simply by rap mind : whether it be damaging or positive.

Early Existence

While his / her household will be from Chi town, Fahim came to be in Ohio, as well as might move forward and backward all through their childhood and teenage years in between Chi town and also Atl — actually residing in Colorado for a time. He or she at present representatives Atl, GA. In accordance with an job interview using the Reporter Sinseer, Fahim very first found myself in creating via a team coming from Chicago, il known as The actual Freshmen who give him tips on creation which usually he would be aware through any time trying to develop his or her own appear.


Many, otherwise almost all, associated with Fahim’s projects are usually self-released by means of Fahim’s bandcamp. As well as although labels just like Reduced Technical, Daupe! and others have hard pressed vinyls regarding his / her produces, this wasn’t until 2019 any time however officially launch some thing using a content label. It was their record “Star Truth” — that arrived by means of Effiscienz.

Later on in which exact same yr, Fahim would certainly drop “Dump Assassins” the full size LP cooperation along with seasoned maker DJ Muggs, by means of his or her own content label Soul Assassins.

Within 2020, Fahim decreased “Lost Kingz” : their third exterior opportunity, now working together with Character Sounds.

Eliminate Group

Fahim operates thoroughly with Mach-Hommy aswell as maker Camoflauge Monk and in addition designers in the Get rid of get away such as JuJu Gotti, Kungg Fuu, Heem Stogied, Smoke, Anibus, and much more lately Collection Skrilla as well as The author Good.


Early on inside his / her career, any time he was still employed in the particular barber store, Fahim would certainly satisfy Zoysia THE BIG APPLE rapper Westside Gunn that however at some point build a camaraderie with. Whenever Fahim necessary any trip home one day, it turned out that they had been across the street neighbors. Fahim might carry on to create 3 bones for your Griselda mind (“Bon Jovi”, “Fukk (Stan Smiths)” and also “King City”) however following a argument with GxFR these people eventually wound up falling out in clumps. Although they’ve got since reconciled no collabs are forthcoming. Regardless of the ground beef, it had been in fact by means of Westside Gunn that Fahim actually fulfilled their most typical collaborator Mach-Hommy.

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